Mapacho, the traditional tobacco


Mapacho is a kind of natural and powerful tobacco, without chemicals. It is very different from cigarettes, since it is considered here that it is not carcinogenic.

It is used by Andean and Amazonian shamans as an essential ingredient for ayahuasca or wachuma ceremonies.

The mapacho or rustic nicotine as it is also known is considered a sacred master plant since its use has been given from generation to generation over time.

Rustic nicotine by not having the chemicals that brand cigarettes carry, such as tar, acetone, phenols, and hydrocyanic acid.

It is a better option for regular smokers.

Tar is known to be the main substance responsible for cancer, since when smoked these stick to the walls of the mouth, pharynx and bronchial tubes.

I remember seeing Andean and Amazon shamans on several occasions perform their cures on their patients with puffs of mapacho smoke.

They smoke and blow all over the patients’ bodies to cleanse the energies and take out heavy spirits.

The mapacho is a good option to stop smoking traditional brand-name cigarettes, remember that the dose makes it a remedy or a poison.

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