Peruvian mapacho Tobacco is a plant that feeds spirits

When one ingests this plant, it feeds its spirit into something that has nothing to do with the body or the psyche, but something else … “A superior and transcendental instance of the order of pure intelligence, knowledge and wisdom “. Nicotiana rustica as the Nicotiana tabacum are native to America and the human being

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The traditional use of mapacho tobacco in the amazonian medicine

Tobacco is considered in traditional Amazonian medicine as the master plant of first importance. There is a hierarchy within the master plants, the Tobacco is considered as the father and the Ayahuasca the mother. From a thousand years ago the Indians use it for their purposes Medicines but also to get in touch with the

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Mapacho, the traditional tobacco

Mapacho is a kind of natural and powerful tobacco, without chemicals. It is very different from cigarettes, since it is considered here that it is not carcinogenic. It is used by Andean and Amazonian shamans as an essential ingredient for ayahuasca or wachuma ceremonies. The mapacho or rustic nicotine as it is also known is

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