Peruvian mapacho Tobacco is a plant that feeds spirits

When one ingests this plant, it feeds its spirit into something that has nothing to do with the body or the psyche, but something else … “A superior and transcendental instance of the order of pure intelligence, knowledge and wisdom “.

Nicotiana rustica as the Nicotiana tabacum are native to America and the human being knows it since 18000 years.

Some experts in plant genetics determined the place of Tobacco origin.

The place where it was cultivated for the first time is located in the Andean zone, between Peru and Ecuador. The first crops are dated between 5000 and 3000 a.C. Later, it extended to the north. When America was discovered, its use was already developed throughout the continent.

The name of Tabaco, would have its origin or of the Island of Tobago, located in the archipelago of small Antilles where the Tobacco was cultivated, or of the name that the natives gave to their pipe. This tobacco was smoked daily, but also used for large parties, particularly religious, by the Incas and Aztecs. To them, Tobacco had the virtue of soothing hunger and to fight against fatigue. It was used as a medicinal plant, pure or associated with coca leaves or other plants. On October 28, 1492, Luis de Torrès and Rodrigo de Jerez, Companions of Cristobal Colon disembark from the Pinta on the land of Cuba and interpret the behavior of the Indians with tobacco, as ritual religious fumigations

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